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War Video

Infuzed, Jul 10, 13 11:02 AM.

March 20, 2013 Patch

Infuzed, Mar 20, 13 3:24 AM.
Easter Delight Event

The Event will be held from 3/20/13 - 4/17/13.
A special event item called Easter Egg will be drop by mobs. These can be traded to the NPC Mary Lady in every city to play a guessing game with every 5 Easter Eggs.

Once you submit 5 Easter Eggs to the NPC Mary Lady she will ask you which hands holds the Easter Egg. Left or Right.
If you choose the correct hand that has the Easter Egg. You will receive one of the following buffs: *note: Effect will not disappear upon death but can still go away when offline
  • Easter Blessing (Increases drop rate by 2x for 1 hour.)
  • Easter Wisdom (Increases all damage attributes by 1% for 1 hour)
  • Easter Protection (Increases all resist attribute by 2% for 1 hour)
If you choose the wrong hand. You will receive the following buffs: *note: Effect will not disappear upon death but can still go away when offline
  • Easter Energy (Increases AGI & MAG by 15 points and your character's body will shrink for 1 hour)
  • Easter Power (Increases STR & VIT by 15 points and your character's body will enlarge for 1 hour)
  • Easter Spirit (Increases Exp and Soldier's Exp by 2x for 1 hour)
Also you can also exchange the Easter Eggs via Item Trader NPC in Historical Instance Hall (Main Hall) for Easter Lucky Bag.
To get Easter Lucky Bag you need 1 Emperor Blessing and 1 Easter Egg.

Another feature in patch. All bosses in paid maps will have the chance to drop Mythical Beast Lucky Bag.
Description: A chance to receive one of the folowwing items: Special Horse Box, Bloodthirsty Tiger, Leopard Bloodthirsty, Bloodthirsty Wolf, Heavy Armored War Elephant, Big Grey Donk, Big Black Bear, Llama, Donkey Small, Black Bear, Alpaca, Black Tiger, Jungle Leopard, Ominous Wolf.

For more details:

Feb 20, 2013 Patch

Infuzed, Feb 20, 13 4:06 PM.

  • The Chinese New Year event, Serpent Glory Snake, has ended but you can still exchange the Serpent Scale (5) and Serpent Pearl (1 of each, 5 total) to the NPC Item Trader in HI Hall.
  • White Poodle Lucky Bag added to the Item Mall (25 Teal)

White Poodle
Armor/ Horse
Class: None
Gender: None
Requirement: Level 1
Enchants: 5/5
Equips: 1/1
Movement Speed 200

STR +1
INT +1
DEX +1

[image from]

the morphing of DK into Lone Demon

Infuzed, Feb 8, 12 3:37 PM.
Welcome to LoneDemon -formerly DreadKnights

As most of you can tell, we've gone through several changes as of late, name for 1 lol. It seems more and more people are venturing on to other versions/servers of 3k (KH) - i wish them the best too. I am choosing to stay with a few loyal friends in the same version and server where we started until we reach cap, which is now 240. If anyone has any questions, please drop me an email at 

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